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Criminal Defense at Aaroe Law Offices, PC 

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Welcome to Aaroe Law Offices, PC, where Paul Aaroe, our seasoned criminal defense lawyer, brings over 35 years of experience to the forefront of expert legal representation. Specializing in criminal law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Paul Aaroe is dedicated to offering robust legal defense for individuals facing criminal charges. Explore our comprehensive criminal defense services tailored to meet the unique legal challenges in both states.

Our Criminal Defense Services:

  • DUI Defense:
  • Paul Aaroe, Known as the “DUI GUY”, with his wealth of experience, specializes in DUI defense, navigating the complexities of DUI charges in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Trust our expertise to protect your rights and minimize the impact on your life.
  • Drug Crimes Defense:
  • Facing drug-related charges? Benefit from Paul Aaroe’s 35 years of experience in providing aggressive defense strategies to challenge evidence and ensure your rights are upheld throughout the legal process.
  • Assault and Violent Crimes Defense:
  • With a former assistant district attorney in our firm, Aaroe Law Offices, PC, provides a robust defense against assault and violent crimes. Paul Aaroe is dedicated to safeguarding your rights and pursuing the best possible outcome.
  • White Collar Crimes Defense:
  • Paul Aaroe’s extensive experience includes white-collar crime defense. Whether facing charges of fraud or embezzlement, our legal team, with its impressive track record, will work tirelessly to protect your reputation and future.

Why Choose Aaroe Law Offices, PC for Criminal Defense:

  • 35 Years of Experience:
  • Benefit from Paul Aaroe’s 35 years of experience in criminal law, ensuring seasoned and knowledgeable representation for your case.
  • Former Assistant District Attorney:
  • Our firm includes a former assistant district attorney, providing valuable insight and strategic advantages in criminal defense.
  • Successful Track Record:
  • Explore our track record of handling thousands of criminal cases, ranging from attempted homicide and aggravated assault to simple possession. Paul Aaroe’s commitment to securing favorable outcomes for clients speaks to his dedication and legal prowess.

Client Testimonials:

Read what clients have to say about Paul Aaroe and Aaroe Law Offices, PC’s criminal defense services. Our satisfied clients highlight the expertise, professionalism, and successful history that define our practice.

Contact Aaroe Law Offices, PC for Criminal Defense:

Facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania or New Jersey? Benefit from Paul Aaroe’s 35 years of experience and contact Aaroe Law Offices, PC today to schedule a consultation. Our criminal defense lawyer is here to provide the strategic defense you need to protect your rights and future.