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Understanding Divorce: Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage by a court. It involves various legal issues such as the division of assets, child custody, alimony, and support payments. The process can be complex and emotionally challenging, requiring experienced legal support to navigate effectively. Types of Divorce in Pennsylvania:

  • No-Fault Divorce: This type of divorce does not require proving wrongdoing by either spouse. It can be based on mutual consent or an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. A no-fault divorce allows couples to achieve a divorce without alleging that either spouse is specifically at fault.  Usually, a no-fault divorce is a divorce by mutual consent, meaning both spouses agree that the marriage is broken.  This type of divorce requires a 90-day waiting period before the Court will grant the divorce.  Otherwise, when a party does not consent, the Court will grant a no-fault divorce if the spouses continuously live separately and apart for at least one year. 
  • Fault-Based Divorce: This requires proving specific grounds for divorce, such as adultery, cruelty, desertion, or imprisonment. If a spouse wants to consider a fault divorce an individual must determine whether the other spouse’s conduct rises to the level warranting a fault divorce.
  • Desertion.  Courts recognize both actual desertion and constructive desertion.  An actual abandonment of marital cohabitation, willfully persisting for at least one year may give rise to a divorce. 
  • Adultery.  Adultery is voluntary sexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than his or her spouse. 
  • Cruel and Barbarous Treatment.  The innocent spouse need only prove one single act of threatened violence or harm.  This single act, however, must be a serious threat, it must be intentional, and it cannot be the product of provocation. 
  • Bigamy.  If a spouse intentionally enters into a second marriage during an already existing marriage, and the other spouse is unaware of this other marriage, the innocent spouse may prevail on fault grounds.  
  • Conviction of Crime/Imprisonment of 2 years.  Simply stated. However, if the complaining spouse was not an “innocent and injured spouse” and therefore could not proceed with a divorce on fault grounds.
  • Indignities.  This is a catch-all category used by spouses who are in intolerable marriages.  A spouse must generally prove that the other spouse’s conduct constitutes a course of behavior which is intolerable and made life a burden to him or her.  If a spouse commits one single act of an indignity, it will not be enough as there must be proven a continuing course of behavior.  Petty quarrels and nagging also do not constitute indignities. 

Steps in the Divorce Process:

  1. Filing a Divorce Complaint:
    • The process begins with filing a divorce complaint in the Court of Common Pleas in Northampton County. This document outlines the reasons for the divorce and the relief being sought.
  2. Serving the Divorce Complaint:
    • The complaint must be served to the other spouse, who then has the opportunity to respond.
  3. Discovery Process:
    • Both parties exchange information and documents related to assets, income, and debts. This phase is crucial for fair division of property and determination of support.
  4. Negotiation and Settlement:
    • Many divorces are resolved through negotiation and settlement agreements, avoiding the need for a trial. Mediation can be a valuable tool in reaching an agreement.
  5. Court Hearings and Trial:
    • If a settlement cannot be reached, the case goes to trial. A judge will hear evidence and make decisions on contested issues.
  6. Final Decree of Divorce:
    • Once all issues are resolved, the court issues a final decree of divorce, legally ending the marriage.

Key Considerations in Divorce:

  • Division of marital property
  • Spousal support and alimony
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support

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